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Most classes of assets globally are over-priced. This makes it more difficult for passive investors to find value or yield in the market place. Investors need to think globally. Never has it been easier for people to invest abroad. New banking regulations and the first expressions of ‘global regulation and compliance’ make it far easier to establish bank accounts abroad, and to passively invest abroad, tax-wise and flexibly using online solutions. In our webpage, we identify two areas which are particularly attractive – for reasons of both lifestyle and/or returns. These areas are:

1. Property in emerging markets – You have to go where the markets are hot; but regulatory regimes sufficient secure or understandable, i.e. predictable risks and your favoured language – sorry we only offer English support.
2. Global mining equities – Mining is one of the most compelling areas for investors. The trick is knowing in which stocks to invest. First we have to dispel some popular myths and ‘scary stories’ perpetuated by fund managers who want to assume your responsibility.
Another important aspect of investment is positioning yourself to know the future. This is a steep learning curve. Our job is to make that learning curve easier. Before we can do that. We need to convince you that investment is worth your time. There are three values which I think are particularly important to get from investment:

1. Nurturing your needs – Money in the bank is dead money. Your savings should be earning you more income than your ‘active’ career income. The reason is that they are cumulative and invested in the best sectors. The reason this is the case is because we are going to teach you how.
2. The value proposition – Too many people are apprehensive about investment because they have no skill in it. This is a legacy of parents who had no inclination to teach their children how to value money, or they had no such education themselves, so they did not see the value proposition from passive income. Money is not materialism; it’s all mental attitude. It’s turning a passive resource, common to all of us (i.e. savings) and making it serve what is important to us. It’s about mental efficacy. Some of you will have an entirely unhealthy attitude towards money, and in our 469-page Global Mining Investment e-book, we therefore go into great depth about these issues. If you have the courage to confront these issues, I will even debate them with you, and post them on my blog to convey the message I want to make. This is not just about making money, it’s a philosophy for life. The strength of character and conviction comes from a coherent framework of values. We are not primarily interested in teaching you ‘how to make money’ because surpluses are not made without challenging one’s core values which that money will serve. I need only look at how people are inclined to make and spend their money. The world has yet to comprehend the integrity of capitalism. We did not learn ‘capitalism’; the world stumbled upon its practical benefits, and it has been struggling to find a coherent framework of ideas to justify it ever since.
3. A useful legacy for your children. We live in a time of economic surpluses. That means most of you will have more money than you know what to do with, and you will want to optimise its application. More of us are challenged by the need to be better investors. More important than that is the recognition that this is a useful tool to teach your children. But do it foremost for the efficacy it gives you; as ultimately you have to be an efficacious person before you can model those values to children. We don't want to model fear.

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by Andrew Sheldon
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